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Great, grand handlooms in new sustainable fashion avatars


The Handloom Story

Indian Handloom dates back to the Indus valley civilization. Even in ancient times, Indian fabrics were exported, Rome, Egypt and China. There are different styles of weaving in different parts of the country, and sometimes in the same region there could be as wide a range as 20-30 varied styles. From simple plain fabrics, Tribal motifs, geometric designs, tye and dye, to exhaustive art on muslin, our weavers had been master craftspeople.

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Sustainably Sourced

Handlooms are manually made without using any polluting energy right from yarn till the fabric including natural dyes

Plantable Tags

Don't throw away because they've precious plant seeds hidden inside.. just grow them in your vicinity

Natural Materials

Trims like buttons are derived from coconut shell, wood or pearl & cotton threads are naturally produced

Compostable Packaging

Protecting our environment by using compostable materials for packaging

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